sustain social 2023 summit conference

Nnenna Hemeson

Nnenna is a sustainability expert across fashion, CPG, FMCG, tech and renewable energy industry with a wealth of experience working with global businesses, SMEs, government and non-government organizations to deliver environmental and social impact. Certified in circular economy and sustainable businesses with over fifteen years’ experience in marketing & communications strategy, brand development and innovation. An exceptional creative recognized for turning products into lifestyle brands that influence consumer culture through music, fashion, movies, and social media. Nnenna extends her passion for sustainability, to volunteering with Oxfam, advising African fashion brands on sustainability and guest lecturing at the British School of Fashion. She sheds light on topics that impact people & planet by being the founder & Chief Editor of Echiché, a platform that champions the voice of the younger generation who have something to say on what and how Brands and Institutions (government & non-government) deliver on their sustainability commitments.