openstage - Sustainable & Social Investing Conference


Please see below the programme for the OpenStage Theatre at Sustain.Social. Access to all seminars taking place in the OpenStage Theatre is included with your entry ticket to the event. Need to book a ticket? CLICK HERE

OpenStage Theatre


11:30am - 12:30pm

Meet the Sustainable Company

This is your opportunity to hear directly from the founders and CEO's of three, very exciting, growth companies in the sustainable sector. MIGHTY, Grazer and Bigyard each have very different businesses - with a single unifying aim - to deliver positive impact as well as financial return to investors. You can read more about each of the companies HERE. (links to Meet the Sustainable Company page).
Panel Session: Chaired by Claire Smith, Beyond Impact; with speakers from 3 exciting sustainable growth companies


12:35pm - 1:00pm

Impact Investment and realising commerciality

In this seminar, Justin will be speaking about:
  • What Impact means to us.
  • Why it’s so attractive as a commercial investment.
  • The age of problem solving via tech and science, and how Impact is key.
  • Delivering Impact, delivery commercial performance.
  • Summary.
Speaker: Justin MacRae, Fund Manager, Fortunis Capital


1:00pm - 1:55pm

What is the UK regulator doing on ESG and how can it help investors?

The rules and financial governance surrounding ESG is evolving rapidly, to match investor interest. It is of vital importance that investors can rely on company information regarding their ESG credentials, and new disclosure rules have come into force recently. Many of these new rules are aimed speciifically at giving investors much more detailed information on company ESG metrics. The panel discuss these new rules, and how they should make it simpler for investors to side-step greenwashing.

Chaired by TBC, with Ben Constable-Maxwell (Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing at M&G Investments), Jack Dominy (Research in Finance) and others to be announced


2:30pm - 3:00pm

Impact Investing and its role achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The SDG funding gap continues to grow and time is running out as we approach the 2030 deadline. Here we discuss the role of impact investors in providing the capital needed to tackle the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges.

Speaker: Ben Constable-Maxwell (Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing at M&G Investments)