Friday 1st November 2024

    Novotel London West


Welcome to the Sustainable & Social Investing Conference

This one-day conference and event is specifically designed for private individuals – investors who want to know that their money goes where they choose. Investors who understand that both financial success and positive impact can go hand-in-hand. Learn how easy it can be to align your financial goals with a greater sense of purpose.

Sustainable investing goes beyond traditional investment methods – in a time where companies are acutely aware of their social and environmental impact. Sustainable investors contribute towards the long-term well-being of society, and our planet.

  • Discover how sustainable investing can generate financial returns whilst promoting positive change


  • Develop a deep understanding of sustainable investing and the potential impact on the world


  • Learn more about various investment approaches, including ESG integration, impact investing, socially responsible investing and ethical investing


  • Explore real-life case studies and success stories from the world of sustainable investing


Spend a day in the company of like-minded people, sharing ideas and networking. Whether you're an experienced investor looking to diversify holdings or just starting out and keen to explore new avenues, Sustain.Social provides you with a live forum to gather valuable information and meet other investors.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a growing movement that aims to transform the investment landscape for a sustainable and equitable future.

  • Learn how to choose investments that deliver both solid returns as well as supporting the things you care about
  • Hear from professional investors who put together sustainable funds and portfolios – find out how what criteria they use
  • Connect with early-stage businesses who are finding solutions – ways to store carbon, sustainable food and energy, micro-loans and clean water provision
  • Choose a portfolio you can be proud of – without compromising on financial return

Sustain.Social offers you the chance to learn more about the various options available to become a truly sustainable investor. How to avoid the greenwashing and the marketing – and how to check “under the bonnet” to make sure your investments are delivering not only great financial returns to you, but also supporting the issues that matter to you.

At Sustain.Social , on Friday, 1st November 2024, you’ll find an exciting exhibition and event, with top-class speakers, sponsors and exhibitors ready to meet you and talk to you about your investment aims, financial and otherwise. And, whilst children of all ages are very welcome to attend the event, for families with children aged 2 – 12, Sustain.Social provides a complimentary creche where your children will be safely entertained and watched over for up to 4 hours.