Auditorium 2023 - Sustainable & Social Investing Conference


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The Auditorium


9:40am - 10:20am

Thematic investing: why it’s good to look beyond regions and asset classes

Learn more about thematic investing and how it can be applied to sustainable and impact investing. The panel share information about how it can be used in portfolios, how it can support impact/thematic investing and the key risks/benefits for investors to consider.
Chaired by Ben Constable-Maxwell (tbc) with Alastair Clark (Portfolio Manager, M&G Wealth/&me) and others to be announced shortly.


10:30am - 10:55am

How to use your money as a force for good

Robert Gardner, a financial activist whose mission, in his role at Rebalance Earth, is to drive the transition to a nature based economy by enabling the flow of private capital to protect and restore nature. Rob will explain how individual investors have a vital role to play in helping this transition to a better, more sustainable world.
Robert Gardner, Rebalance Earth


11:00am - 11:15am

Keynote Speech

As Headline Sponsors of the Sustainable & Social Investing Conference 2023, CIO of &me, Shanti Kelemen, gives the KeyNote Speech.
Shanti Kelemen (Chief Investment Officer, M&G Wealth Investments)


1:00pm - 1:50pm

The Lunchtime Summit Panel Session:

"The Global Economic Outlook for 2024: From emerging markets to the eurozone and UK - where do the opportunities lie for private investors and traders?"

The annual Lunchtime Summit at the London Investor Show take a global view, with the panel discussing different areas and considering where the most exciting opportunities lie. On a general note, the panel will give their thoughts on current global economic policies and how these will affect private investors and traders during 2024.

Chaired by Nadira Tudor
Panel: Yohay Elam ( FXSTREET), Mark McFee (Research in Finance), Wander Rutgers (Lightyear) and others to be announced shortly


2:40pm - 3:20pm

How to choose stocks for your own sustainable portfolio

What do you need to consider when you start to think about building your own sustainable portfolio? The panel, chaired by Nadira Tudor, will share their own stock screening processes and give you some insight into how you can be sure that a potential investment is suitable for your sustainable portfolio. Find out how the panel start to identify and then research potential investments.
Chaired by Nadira Tudor
Panel Sam Mahtani, Claire Smith (Beyond Impact) and other to be announced shortly