sustain social 2023 summit conference

Nick Watkins

Co-Founder, MIGHTY

Nick began his career in ASDA, before working at NAM’s helping other brands secure listings which gave him the experience, alongside his brother Tom to kickstart MIGHTY. Nick is passionate about changing the plant milk landscape, driven by his own need for a good dairy alternative and knowing that brands were missing a trick by not exploring new proteins that could offer so much more than what was currently on the market. For Nick it’s important to deliver a new vision for plant milk that’s more sustainable, more nutritious and moves the dial for everyday change. MIGHTY has grown from strength to strength with their cutting edge technology that makes their products stand out amongst competition. They’re listed in over 5000 points in 12 different countries across the UK, EU & Asia.


  Meet the Sustainable Company   
  11:30am - 12:30pm