sustain social 2023 summit conference

Shanti Kelemen

Chief Investment Officer, M&G Wealth/&me

Shanti joined M&G Wealth in November 2021 as Chief Investment Officer. She is responsible for the development and ongoing management of discretionary investment solutions offered by M&G Wealth. Prior to joining M&G, she worked in private banking for 10 years. She held the role of Investment Director at Brown Shipley, with responsibilities for communicating investment views, improving investment processes and integrating acquired businesses. Whilst working at Coutts, she was a director on the portfolio management team, and managed multi-asset advisory and discretionary portfolios. She is a regular guest on BBC’s Radio 4 Today and Wake Up to Money programmes. She holds a PCIAM qualification and a Masters in Management from the London School of Economics.


  The Auditorium   
  11:00am - 11:15am