Tomoka Fine and Rare - Sustainable & Social Investing Conference

Stand No. C8 - Tomoka Fine and Rare

Whisky was been recognized as the top performing luxury asset class in 2018 over the last 10 years according to the KFLI. In the last 2 years many whisky companies have popped up professing to be experts in the field. Tomoka Fine and Rare has been in the spirits business for 10 years and in that time they have won many coveted awards. Passion for spirits generally but more so for whisky inspired the founder Jass Patel to open the business which started primarily as a retail store in St Albans. The focus was to bring new and exciting brands to its consumers and educate them in the delights of whisky and other spirits. It was through this experience-led store that Tomoka was being asked to help source collectable and investable bottles by its clients and so they organically moved into the investment market. After a number of years, Tomoka opened in the Royal Exchange in the City of London to help better serve this market.