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Gervais Williams

Gervais Williams, Head of Equities, Premier Miton Group plc

Gervais Williams joined the group in 2011. He manages a number of funds and trusts that aggregate to over £1.5bn. He is also Head of Equities at Premier Miton. His fund management career extends over 30 years including 17 years at Gartmore Group Ltd, where he was head of UK Small Companies investing in UK smaller companies and Irish equities. Gervais is a member of the AIM Advisory Council, a board member of The Investment Association and the Quoted Companies Alliance. Gervais published his first book 'Slow Finance' in the autumn of 2011, and his second book 'The Future is Small' was published in November 2014. His most recent book 'The Retreat of Globalisation' was published in December 2016.