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Welcome to Sustainable Investing Room at Sustain.Social. Entry to this room is included with your ticket to the event. Please note that seating is limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis, so if there are any seminars that you don't want to miss, do please arrive a few minutes early to guarantee your seat. We look forward to welcoming you.

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+ - 10:30am - The Diversity Challenge

thembeka stemela copySpeaker: Thembeka Stemela (M&G Investments)

Join Thembeka Stemela, Diversity and Inclusion Fund Manager at M&G Investments, as she cuts through the noise providing insight into the world of investing in diverse companies, and the challenges she faces with such low gender and ethnic diversity at board and senior management Levels. Thembeka will then go on to highlight some great case studies of successful businesses that are leading the way, and great examples of change.

Learning objectives: Throughout this session you will:

1). Gain insight into the current state of play and challenges faced when trying to invest in GENUINELY diverse businesses,
2). Hear of some great examples of companies that are ‘GETTING IT RIGHT!’, and
3). Learn how diverse companies are more likely to outperform their peers, and make for great investment.

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+ - 11:30am - Simple Steps to Sustainable Investing

elizabeth pearsonSpeaker: Elizabeth Pearson (Simple Successful Stocks)

Investing in a sustainable and responsible way can be a bamboozling at the best of times! In this talk Elizabeth gives you the knowledge and confidence to take the steps to align investing with your values and do it with integrity. As a financial educator and from her personal investing experience she will teach you how to:

  • Be really clear about your focus of investing sustainably
  • Have a look at where you are investing
  • Simply make a difference with your pension
  • Sort out funds and sift through shares
  • Sustain yourself and stay optimistic!


+ - 12:05pm - How to Invest in Rare Tangible Assets: Coins, Stamps, Books & more

geoff anandappaSpeaker: Geoff Anandappa (Rare Tangible Assets Ltd)

Rare Tangible Assets (RTAs) include ancient coins, rare stamps, first-edition books, limited edition artworks, vintage film posters, whiskey & spirits, luxury watches and more. In the current climate of uncertain markets and rising inflation, RTAs are one of the most undervalued investment opportunities around. RTAs have a proven track record over many decades, uncorrelated with mainstream investments such as equities, property or bonds. They are ideal for long-term investment, portfolio diversification, retirement & legacy planning, and investing for children or grandchildren. This presentation will show you how to invest in RTAs with expert advice and guidance, avoiding the pitfalls of high trading costs and commissions.

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+ - 12:40pm - The role of finance in transition to net zero carbon and nature positive economy

sara minchin 2022Speaker: Sara Minchin

Sustainable finance has been riddled with lack of definitions and the need to prove a business case in terms of financial materiality, but despite these challenges has grown and matured considerably in the last few years. It is now widely accepted that climate change and nature loss pose a significant risk to all economies and to the stability of the global financial system, whether in the form of physical, transition or liability risks. The discussion on clarifying the definitions has also moved forward. Sustainable finance has developed from philanthropy to risk management to considering the most material impacts. Challenges remain and we still have some way to go to the ultimate goal where all finance becomes sustainable finance and all business strategies sustainable strategies.

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+ - 1:50pm - Invest along with communities in Energy Garden’s inclusive ESG offering

agamemnon oteroSpeaker: Agamemnon Otero MBE (Energy Garden)

Hear about Energy Garden- a Community Benefit Society that provides a 5.5% financial return from renewable energy revenues while supporting community development in London. ESG outcomes from this model include: a fully funded network of community gardens on London’s railway network; education programmes, including a paid youth training programme and primary school workshops; and a one-member-one-vote governance structure for investors. Energy Garden delivered the first ever community-funded solar installation on the UK railway last year – a 231kWp array on a train depot in Streatham- by working with stakeholders including Patagonia, GTR, Network Rail and the DfT. They have a pipeline of further projects and are currently raising funds through a community share offer to deliver up to 1MW of solar by the end of the year. Energy Garden recently featured in UK Cabinet Office One Step Greener Campaign, the World Economic Forum Website, The Patagonia Film We The Power, as a UN Global Compact Breakthrough Project, in the Climate of Change Audible Original Podcast alongside Cate Blanchet, HRH Prince William. BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours, the Guardian, ITV, the Times, the Evening Standard, and Tortoise media.

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+ - 2:25pm - Getting away with Greenwashing

cam bourneSpeaker: Cam Bourne (The Big Exchange)

Cam looks to address the elephant in the room: are we actually getting what we’re told we’re getting? Questioning our expectations vs. the reality in retail investing and giving you some key things to take away when you’re looking to invest in that something to match your values, your aims, or your ambitions.

  • What is greenwashing and how to spot it?
  • Who’s fault is it anyway?
  • How to get past the greenwash?
  • Where does the responsibility lie?

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+ - 3:05pm - ‘Net Zero, and how to ‘Paris Align’ an investment portfolio’

mike oliveros 2022Speaker: Mike Oliveros (M&G Investments)

Join Mike Oliveros, Fund Manager at M&G Investments as he shares his insights on Net Zero, The Paris Accord and aligning investment strategies to the Paris Agreement. We’ll also be looking at how impact investors can allocate capital to the companies looking to solve the Climate Crisis, exploring some of the exciting investment opportunities to take on this challenge. He’ll also evaluate opportunities for companies that offer sustainable outcomes, both in terms of the business model viability and in terms of their ESG characteristics with the ultimate objective of creating a truly Paris-Aligned investment proposition.

Learning Objectives: Throughout this session you will

1). Gain an overview of ‘Net Zero’ and the ‘Paris Agreement’, and what both actually mean to us as investors.
2). Look at case studies of companies that are leading the way in terms of their ESG aspirations, as well as financial objectives.

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+ - 4:05pm - Egalitarian Capitalism - creating a fair economy

gavin oldham 2020Speaker: Gavin Oldham OBE (The Share Foundation)

While capitalism drives wealth creation and promotes individual endeavour and creativity, in its current form it is also driving huge inequalities in the distribution of wealth and assets. Political solutions to resolve inequality, particularly enforced redistribution of wealth through taxation or other means, are mainly driven by state intermediation and in many cases have resulted in excessive public debt and social discord. However, doing nothing to address the problem will continue to exacerbate the largest, most intractable economic problem which humanity continues to face.

A more egalitarian system of capitalism, one that empowers and provides individuals from all walks of life with the opportunities to fulfil their potential, would offer an economic solution to addressing the problem.

The key elements of this approach will include:

  • Disintermediation – individual empowerment
  • Inter-generational wealth transfer
  • Mass equity participation
  • Human capital – reducing inequality and improving productivity through education and training.

Come and hear more about a wholly new approach to achieving social justice while at the same time complementing and celebrating individual human enterprise, at the seminar at 4.05 pm in the Sustainable Investing Room.

 * Entry to this seminar is free, included with your ticket to