Main Auditorium - Sustainable & Social Investing Conference


Welcome to the Auditorium at Sustain.Social 2022, where you will find workshops, panel sessions, the KeyNote Speech and Investors Question Time taking place. A ticket to the Auditorium gives you access to any and all of these sessions throughout the day. Entry to the Auditorium costs £49 and you can purchase your ticket here.
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+ - 10:00am - Where are we now? ESG Investing - the latest trends and fast-growing sectors

toby finden crofts 2021 dc42a78b ben constable maxwellChaired by: Toby Finden-Crofts (Research in Finance)

Panel: Ben Constable-Maxwell (M&G Investments); Jack Dominy (Research in Finance); Gavin Oldham (The Share Foundation)



jack dominy 2022

gavin oldham 2020








+ - 10:55am - Sustainable Investment: what you need to know

mike appleby 2022Speaker: Mike Appleby, LionTrust

What is the difference between ethical, sustainable and engagement when it comes to investment? What can companies that make the world healthier, safer and more efficient bring to an investment portfolio? In this presentation, Mike Appleby, Investment Manager at Liontrust, will answer these questions and explain what is sustainable investment, how does it make a difference and what type of companies are we looking for and that fit our criteria.




+ - 11:45am - Keynote Speech and Welcome

ben constable maxwellFrom Headline Sponsors M&G Investments
Speakers: Ben Constable-Maxwell (M&G Investments)






+ - 12:05pm - An introduction to sustainable investment

julia dreblowSpeaker: Julia Dreblow (SRI Services)

This session will be a basic introduction to sustainable fund options, their history, context and business case. It will including an overview of the sustainable funds that are available to individual investors today - exploring their similarities and differences. The session will help you to recognise who different funds are intended for, as well as where strategy variations can become greenwash. Julia will also discuss how these funds differ from ‘business as usual’, which is increasingly considering sustainability and climate change – referencing some relevant regulatory developments.



+ - 12:40pm - Investors' Questions Time

gerry perez bw22cam bourneChaired by: Gerry Perez (Interactive Brokers)
Panel: Cam Bourne (The Big Exchange), Elizabeth Pearson, Agamemnon Otero (Energy Garden)

Your opportunity to put your ESG investing questions to the panel.



elizabeth pearson

agamemnon otero








+ - 1:45pm - Lunchtime Debate: Solving the climate crisis - an investor's perspective

yves messymike applebyChaired by: Yves Guillaume Messy (Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme)
Panel: Mike Appleby (LionTrust), Rory Alexander (M&G Investments), Julia Dreblow (SRI Services), Gabriela Herculano (iClima)



rory alexander

julia dreblow

gabriela herculano








+ - 2:55pm - Investing for impact for private investors

jamie broderick 2021Speaker: Jamie Broderick (Impact Investing Institute)

How do private investors move beyond conventional sustainable investment and really have an impact in the real world?

Most investor portfolios focus on the liquid, listed markets, and there are lots of options for investors to construct portfolios built on sustainability themes. But there are limits to the amount of impact listed investments can create in the real world. The private markets can inject new capital to create impact, but they are much harder to navigate. This session will explore some of the options private investors have to generate real world impact with their investment capital.


+ - 3:55pm - Build your own sustainable investing portfolio

nigel kershawmaria municchiChaired by: Nigel Kershaw OBE (The Big Issue)
Panel: Maria Municchi (M&G Investments); Adam Harris, Yves Guillaume Messy (Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme)

Move away from investments that have negligible positive impact and add new exciting companies that deliver real solutions and real returns.



adam harris 2020

yves messy