Meet the Sustainable Company - Sustainable & Social Investing Conference

Hosted by Claire Smith, Beyond Impact

  OpenStage Theatre   
  11.30 am - 12.30 pm
This is your opportunity to hear directly from the founders and CEO's of three, very exciting, growth companies in the sustainable sector. MIGHTY, Grazer and BIG YARD™ each have very different businesses - with a single unifying aim - to deliver positive impact as well as financial return to investors. You can read more about each of the companies below. The companies will be on Stand No S10, alongside Beyond Impact, where you can meet and speak to the founders and CEO's.


We’re Grazer, the dating and friend-finding app for vegans and vegetarians. Connecting the consciously likeminded through meatless matches.

Lewis Foster

CEO, Grazer

Lewis Foster is the founder and CEO of Grazer, the dating and networking app for vegans and vegetarians. As a long-term vegan and passionate environmentalist, Lewis has made it his mission to unite and accelerate the plant-based movement across the world. Lewis led Grazer’s efforts in raising £500,000 in pre-seed from both private investors and an equity crowdfunding campaign. Lewis is a graduate of University Arts London and København Designkole, he brings his experience as an award winning designer and film maker into shaping the vision of Grazer as a voice for the meat-free community.


Juicy, Meaty and Tree-Grown.

BIG YARD™ is the original British foodservice pioneer of traditional meat formats made from the world’s lowest farming emission canopy-crop, Jackfruit.

Healthy, less-processed, low GI and high in fibre, BIG YARD™ makes wholefoods-based versions of Chicken, Pork, Beef, Lamb and Seafood. Want that new, hot n’ juicy meat nostalgic experience?

Plant it on your menu!

Jennifer Pardoe

Managing Director

Jennifer Pardoe founded BIG YARD™, British producers of award winning tree-grown meats. BIG YARD™ supply big name B2B sectors globally, with a meaty range of Pork, Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Seafood style products. From a foundation of health-friendly whole-foods and less processing, to crazy-low carbon emissions, BIG YARD™ brings that hot n’ juicy sizzle to customer menus, growing appetites everywhere. Plant it in your mouth!


MIGHTY was founded by brothers Tom and Nick Watkins in 2019 to bring a more nutritious and sustainable plant-based milk to the market. Now one of the biggest independent family-run plant milk businesses in Europe, MIGHTY’s mission is to switch 1 million people to plant milk in order to leave the world, and the people who live in it, better than how we found them.

With significant investment and consistent growth since launch, MIGHTY is set to accelerate the next generation of plant milk using a proprietary, cutting-edge fermentation technology. With a unique blend of peas and oats that give a milk-like taste, as well as a a much lower environmental impact, MIGHTY continues to expand its range of non-dairy milks and related products to help achieve its mission; MIGHTY is proud to be one of only two plant milks with a Foundation Earth “A” score and is working towards achieving carbon neutral status in the near future.

MIGHTY is available to buy in all major UK supermarkets (including Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and ASDA), as well as via its D2C platform, offering customers a subscription service across its liquid and powder range. The business has expanded internationally and is now available in Germany, Hong Kong and across the Middle East as it attempts to maximise its positive impact on the world’s and peoples’ health by making their products more available to more people in more locations.

In line with the rapid growth of the business, the team has grown apace with an amazing team of 20 people based at its head office in Leeds and production site in Somerset driving the company to new heights.

The mission to change the world for the better drives everything the business does and although it has been an incredibly successful journey so far, there are absolutely no plans to slow down. In fact, the MIGHTY journey has really only just begun!

Nick Watkins

Co-Founder, MIGHTY

Nick began his career in ASDA, before working at NAM’s helping other brands secure listings which gave him the experience, alongside his brother Tom to kickstart MIGHTY. Nick is passionate about changing the plant milk landscape, driven by his own need for a good dairy alternative and knowing that brands were missing a trick by not exploring new proteins that could offer so much more than what was currently on the market. For Nick it’s important to deliver a new vision for plant milk that’s more sustainable, more nutritious and moves the dial for everyday change. MIGHTY has grown from strength to strength with their cutting edge technology that makes their products stand out amongst competition. They’re listed in over 5000 points in 12 different countries across the UK, EU & Asia.