Social Investing Room - Sustainable & Social Investing Conference

Social Investing Room

Welcome to the virtual Social Investing Room at Sustain.Social. You can attend any of the seminars below.

How inter-dependent is the Sustainable sector?

Speaker: Gervais Williams (Premier Miton Group)

The bulk of the sustainable sector currently comprises businesses that are well placed to benefit from ongoing investment into low-carbon industries, and "Everything Else" - all the other businesses that will have to adapt via a major reduction of their carbon footprints. To some degree, the financial sector will be at the centre of both of these trends, as the latter group will need to invest heavily to get their carbon footprints down. Effectively the financial services sector, and investors, have a major role in ensuring the right businesses are allocated capital, which could be tricky if we turn off fossil based energy prior to a reliable source of low-carbon power. Join experienced fund manager, Gervais Williams, as he explains how this situation creates opportunities for investors.

How to green your pension

Speaker: Rebecca O’Connor (interactive investor)

Your pension may be the biggest pot of money you ever have to your name. This session will look at:

  • How to check whether your current and former workplace pensions are invested sustainably
  • What you can do if they are not
  • Some common obstacles to moving
  • Why risk and return are still important

Safe and Consistent Portfolio Growth

Speaker: David Paul, MD, VectorVestUK

In this short talk David will show investors how to profit from investing in the safest shares on the London Stock Market. These shares have a track record of growing earnings both strongly and safely. They are the UK, s best shares. The Worry-Free Investing (WFI) technique has been time tested and proven over the past 25 years. The technique is totally mechanical with no subjective decisions required. During 2019 the WFI technique recorded a 45% increase without adding dividend income with little trading required. Since the pandemic low the technique, with minimal trading has shown a 55% capital gain. How many aggressive day traders have made 45% in 2019 and 55% over the last 18 months? The WFI technique requires no chart watching during the day and can be easily managed in ten minutes an evening.

Environmental investing: green growth or advanced mould?

Speaker: Justin Urquhart Stewart, Regionally
Exploring alternative ways to make your portfolio fit with your ESG goals

10 Data Points About Sustainable Investing Which Rocked My World

Speaker: Alpesh Patel,