Main Auditorium - Sustainable & Social Investing Conference



9:55 AM

The rise of ESG and impact investing – how sustainable investing is shaping the future

Moderator: Victoria Scholar (interactive investor)
Panel: Stephen Porter (Responsible Investment Lead, Scottish Widows); Tomas Carruthers (tbc), Nanne Tolsma, (Satelligence); Kenneth Mackenzie (Target Fund Managers); Myron Jobson (interactive investor); Stephen Clapham (Behind the Balance Sheet)

11:00 AM

Keynote Speech and Welcome

From sponsors M&G Investments and interactive investor

Speakers: Moira O’Neill (interactive investor) and Ben Constable-Maxwell (M&G Investments)

11:40 AM

Climate Fintech

Panel Session: Yves Guillaume A Messy; Randeep Somel (M&G Investments); Dan Morrell (Balance)
The Paris Agreement raised worldwide awareness of the fact that the global financial services industry takes the impending Climate Change disaster seriously and intends to mitigate it. At the same time, a new class of technology players are leading the charge in reinventing international banking and finance, this directly affects how the global financial industry will square up to the global climate challenge. What is Climate Fintech? How does Financial Technology hope to combat climate change? What kind of technology tools can digital native Fintechs deploy today, in order to bridge the gap between today, and a global carbon neutral world economy? Who are the main Fintech firms and actors best suited to implement these technologies? How should retail consumers and institutional investors respond to support Climate Fintech efforts in a sustainable and value-added way? Our panel participants will weigh in with their experienced perspectives on this emerging and timely opportunity.

12:25 PM

Purpose-Washing: Learn how to spot it and how to choose reputable companies for your portfolio

Chair: Rebecca O'Connor (interactive investor)
Panel: John Featherby (Shoremount); Gervais Williams (Premier Miton Group); Amy McKeown (; Micael Johnstone (Wading Herons); Ben Constable-Maxwell (M&G)
Purpose-washing is more than green-washing – this panel explains what it means, how to spot it, and how you can tell if a company's credentials are really as good as they would have you believe…

2:00 PM


Sustainable & Social Investing in a post-Covid19 world

Chair: Rodney Hobson
Panel: Gervais Williams (Premier Miton Group); Jamie Broderick (Impact Investing Institute); Mohan Gundu (Sustainable Funds Group); Mike Appleby (Liontrust Sustainable Investment team); Gavin Oldham (The Share Foundation / Share Radio)

2:50 PM

Place-Based Impact Investing

Chair: Ben Constable-Maxwell (M&G)
Panel: Sarah Forster (The Good Economy Partnership); Justin Urquhart Stewart (Regionally); Sarah Wilson (Minerva Analytics)

What is Place-Based Impact Investing?

“Investments made with the intention to yield appropriate risk-adjusted financial returns as well as positive local impact, with a focus on addressing the needs of specific places to enhance local economic resilience, prosperity and sustainable development.”
Definition of place-based impact investing.
Source: The Good Economy
Social investors are well aware that the inequalities that exist between regions and places, are more extreme in the UK than in most comparable economies and have existed for generations. The coronavirus pandemic, coupled with the political realities of Brexit, has moved this reality to the centre stage of public debate. The panel will discuss Place-Based Impact Investing, explaining how private investors can be involved, and help support the move towards equality, without sacrificing financial returns.

3:25 PM

Sustainable Investing and Portfolio Growth

Speaker: David Paul, VectorVestUK

If you want to invest for your family's future but also make sure your investments don’t compromise your values, VectorVest can help.

When it comes to choosing an ethical or sustainable investment fund it is important that your selection process can also achieve the portfolio growth necessary to fund all of your personal and family goals. This is very possible and quite easy to achieve.with stock market listed investments.

In this short talk David Paul will show you how to use the power of VectorVest to gauge:

a. What is your Sustainable investment really worth?
b. How safe is the earnings stream?
c. Is the share price trending upwards?
d Dividends are important. What is the dividend and more importantly how safe is the dividend?

The talk will allow you to achieve a process to ensure that investments that suit your values also perform well.

4:05 PM

Invest in the future: How to build a sustainable portfolio

Chaired by: Justin Urquhart Stewart (Regionally)
Panel: David Harrison (Rathbone Greenbank); Jack Dominy, (Research in Finance); Victoria MacLean (WHEB); Maria Municchi (M&G)