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Investors Chronicle - Media Partner

Investors Chronicle is the authoritative source of share and fund tips and comprehensive companies coverage for the private investor...

Share Radio - Media Partner

Share Radio is the UK’s first radio station dedicated to business, finance and money. Imagine BBC Radio 4 meets the Financial Times — totally unique in commercial radio.

Tune in online and our award-winning presenters will entertain and inform you: from the best travel destinations to the best deals, top investment tips, breaking news and market commentary from experts you can trust.

Our purpose is to broadcast news and advice on money and investment matters in accessible language for all. Share Radio started broadcasting on UK DAB radio on 4th November 2014, and as from Friday 5th May 2017 we're 100% online, across the world.

Passion for the Planet - Supporter

PASSION for the PLANET is the UK’s only ethically-focused radio station. Playing a mix of adult contemporary and world music with interviews and features about our environment, our health and living a low-impact life. PASSION for the PLANET entertains and inspires and intrigues.

The Big Exchange - Supporter

Impact Group - Supporter

City Hindu Network - Media Partner

We are a not-for-profit organisation created to promote networking, personal development and charity amongst Hindu professionals in London.

Impact Alpha - Media Partner

Subscribe today to ImpactAlpha the best, most comprehensive, most up-to-date source for news on impact investing.
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Beyond Investing - Supporters

Beyond Investing is a US-based registered investment adviser owned by three highly experienced investment professionals who follow a vegan lifestyle: CEO Claire Smith who has 34 years’ experience working in the finance industry in areas including derivatives, hedge funds research and analysis; Lee Coates, OBE, of UK financial advisor Ethical Investors and founder of Cruelty Free Super in Australia; and Larry Abele, founder of Auriel Investors, an FCA-regulated asset management firm in London.

Beyond Investing was formed in June 2017 with the aim of promoting the development of vegan investment products for the masses. Since that time it has undertaken investment research into public companies in order to develop ethical screening and proactive tilts that satisfy the values of the vegan community and indeed all investors who care about animals and the environment.

In June 2018 Beyond Investing launched the US Vegan Climate Index (ticker VEGAN), a broad-based portfolio of US domestic companies that imposes vegan, climate, environmental and human rights screens. Beyond Investing is sponsoring the creation of the first ever vegan-friendly and climate-conscious US-listed Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), the US Vegan Climate ETF (ticker: VEGN), to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in September 2019.

TerraCycle - Supporters

The US leader in engaging brands, retailers, municipalities and retailers in collecting and recycling hundreds of waste streams. Brands and end-users pay TerraCycle a sufficient price to cover the true cost of recycling (plus margin); its programs generate large public awareness and engagement, resulting in tangible benefits (ROI) to its clients. 2018 audited revenue $20+M; 25% organic growth projected for 2019.

Whereas the traditional recycling industry is experiencing deep challenges and is declining, TerraCycle’s business is profitable and growing. Operating continuously in the US for 15 years, TCUS has been sustainably profitable for 6 years. It paid a 2% dividend in 2019 and our goal is to pay annual dividends and grow revenue and profits each year.

Over the past 18 months, over 900 investors have invested approximately $10 million into TerraCycle US Inc. Thus, the $25 million capital raise is already 40% sold. Proceeds principally fund growth through acquiring companies that TerraCycle anticipates will thrive in its uniquely public facing recycling eco- system.

New Money

New Money - Supporter

New Money is a sustainable finance specialist that provides content and consultancy services to the media, businesses, campaigns and charities. Money isn’t difficult or boring, and the key to changing this idea lies in sustainable finance. A new money movement is coming – one powered by the ordinary people that own global capital and want it to work for people and planet, not against them. We can all change the world for the better with our money: it’s just most of us don’t know it. New Money is here to change that.
"An event dedicated to reaching the millions of Britons desperate to do better with their money is long overdue, and New Money is thrilled to be a partner. The Sustainable and Social Investing conference is the first step in the now inevitable direction of finance: a return of power to the true owners of global capital: us. Knowledge is power and as survey after survey has shown, it is only a lack of knowledge that holds us back - including the 70% of Britons recently surveyed by DiFID that said they want to make the world a better place with their money by investing sustainably, but largely aren’t. Events like this should start to bridge this divide - prompting a new money movement that will change the face of the global economy for a greener, cleaner, fairer future world.”
Rebecca Jones, Founder

Project Heather - Media Partner

Project Heather is based in Europe's 4th largest financial centre, Edinburgh, Scotland – a hub for renewables, life sciences, tech innovation and creatives. What better location?

Global facing
Our world faces unprecedented challenges. We invite businesses, investors, and advisors with intent to join us in bringing impact, visibility and access for all. Let’s scale solutions together.

Impact focused
We're building the first regulated investment exchange to be focused on businesses that are making measurable positive social and environmental impact. Help us build a more sustainable and inclusive tomorrow.

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