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Claire Smith

Beyond Investing is a US-based registered investment adviser owned by three highly experienced investment professionals who follow a vegan lifestyle: CEO Claire Smith who has 34 years’ experience working in the finance industry in areas including derivatives, hedge funds research and analysis; Lee Coates, OBE, of UK financial advisor Ethical Investors and founder of Cruelty Free Super in Australia; and Larry Abele, founder of Auriel Investors, an FCA-regulated asset management firm in London.

Beyond Investing was formed in June 2017 with the aim of promoting the development of vegan investment products for the masses. Since that time it has undertaken investment research into public companies in order to develop ethical screening and proactive tilts that satisfy the values of the vegan community and indeed all investors who care about animals and the environment.

In June 2018 Beyond Investing launched the US Vegan Climate Index (ticker VEGAN), a broad-based portfolio of US domestic companies that imposes vegan, climate, environmental and human rights screens. Beyond Investing is sponsoring the creation of the first ever vegan-friendly and climate-conscious US-listed Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), the US Vegan Climate ETF (ticker: VEGN), to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in September 2019.


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