Conference Room 2 - Social Investing - Sustainable & Social Investing Conference

10:10AM - 10:40AM

Social Investment: What is it? How is it done? How do you measure it?

Speaker: Danyal Sattar
Danyal Sattar provides an introduction to social investment, its history to date, and how Big Issue Invest approaches social investing and measuring societal impact. Set up in 2005 as the social investment arm of The Big Issue magazine, Big Issue Invest aims to continue supporting organisations that are seeking to make a positive difference for people and communities across the UK. BII have invested in more than 330 organisations since 2005, over 50% of which were into organisations working in the 25% most deprived areas of the UK.

Ben Constable-Maxwell

Richard Stone

11:00 AM

Keynote Speech and Welcome

Live Broadcast from Main Auditorium

Speaker: Richard Stone, Chief Executive, The Share Centre and Ben Constable-Maxwell, Head of Sustainability and Impact, M&G Investments (Co-sponsors of the Sustainable & Social Investing Conference 2019)

11:40 AM - 12:10 PM

TerraCycle US: Profitably advancing the Circular Economy, one crisp packet at a time

Speaker: Richard Perl, Terracycle
In nature, the waste of one living system is food to another. Nothing is wasted. Nature can’t digest what nature doesn’t make, but humans can recycle anything. It’s only a matter of making the economics work. We now make products and packaging so cheaply that it’s not financially practical to collect and recycle--one would lose money recycling—unless the core economics are changed. By creating a circular solution, TerraCycle uses market drivers to justify authentic recycling, engaging millions of people, and hundreds of companies in the collection process. Learn about how TerraCycle has harnessed economics to drive profitable recycling, and about the current investment in this dynamic, award-winning, profitable and dividend-paying company.

12:15 PM - 12:45 PM

A new paradigm in Impact Assessment: The Decentralised Social Impact Assessment

Speaker: Eike Post, PhD Founder, Ethical Capital

Social Impact Investing is a type of investing that has a secondary purpose of not only producing financial return but also a positive impact for the world. At the heart of impact investment are social impact scores, which evaluate the positive social impact. Methodologies to calculate the social impact have been proliferating in recent years, so much that now there are more than 200 organizations involved in social impact measurement.

All the different methodologies have in common that the impact is centrally measured. This leads to many flaws in the scores. Therefore, we propose the “Decentralized Social Impact Score”. The decentralized social impact score uses the power of 8 billion brains distributed all over the world to compute social impact.

12:50 PM - 1:20 PM

Climate change and carbon as an emerging asset class

Speaker: Michael Azlen, Carbon Cap
The impact of climate change on our planet and people is now an existential threat. Recent record-breaking heatwaves and increased incidences of droughts and wildfires demonstrate that our climate is changing rapidly due to human generated greenhouse gas emissions. To stimulate a reduction in emissions, there must be a price on carbon reflecting the damages caused to society. ”Cap and Trade” Emissions Trading Systems (ETS) ensure that companies include the cost of carbon into their production cost. Carbon Cap has done ground breaking research into the largest and most liquid carbon markets. Carbon Cap is launching the World Carbon Fund which will be one of the first actively managed funds investing into multiple carbon markets. The Fund will be a liquid climate change impact fund achieving a reduction in emissions to impact climate change.

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Can private investors afford to ignore ethical issues?

Speaker: Rodney Hobson, financial commentator, investor and author

As we are all increasingly aware, ethical issues have grown in importance over recent years and can no longer be ignored. Join Rodney Hobson as he helps you navigate important issues such as ·

  • What constitutes an ethical versus unethical company? 
  • What is the risk of excluding whole sectors from your investment portfolio?
  • How ethical issues are starting to change decisions made by companies on every day matters for fear of adverse publicity and retaining appeal to investors.

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Why sustainability should be an integral part of your investing

Speaker: Stephen Clapham
ESG. What investors need to know about Environmental risks, Sustainability, and Governance. Steve discusses how to assess environmental risks and why they are important. He then looks st governance issues and why they represent a major risk to investors now, particularly given management’s predilection to earnings management. He concludes by looking at why sustainability should be an integral element of investors’ research process.

3:10 PM - 3:40 PM

ESG3 : The Alquity Virtuous Circle

Speaker: Suresh Mistry, Alquity
Suresh will explain how Alquity has honed ESG investing through practical application in one of the toughest asset classes: emerging market equities. He will show how Key Progress Indicators drive engagement activity which achieves real change in corporate behaviour. Finally, how Alquity donates 10% of revenues to transform lives and support sustainable economic development which closes the circle through enhanced long-term returns

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