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    The Chablis Suite, Novotel West, London W6

    Thursday, 20th May, 2021

    A one-day conference for private investors seeking to learn more about this specific area


Sustainable investing. Social investing.
Impact investing. Ethical investing.
Socially-Responsible investing. “Green” investing.

Just a few of the many terms that are used to describe how investors today want their money to make a difference, as well as creating good financial returns.

It is now broadly accepted that the two aims are not mutually exclusive, and can work together for societal benefit.

ICUK, organisers of the successful London Investor Show, are launching a one-day conference and event for private investors dedicated to exploring this area in more detail, providing education and information on sustainable and social investing, giving private investors more insight, more knowledge and more confidence to make the decisions best-suited to their own interpretation of how they can invest “for good”. The Sustainable and Social Investing Conference seeks to address many of the questions often asked by investors looking for more information on how to navigate this area, prior to making their choices.
Sponsored by The Share Centre and M&G Investments, and with speakers on the day including Richard Stone (Chief Executive of The Share Centre); Rodney Hobson (Financial Commentator and Investor), Gervais Williams (Head of Equities, Premier Miton Group plc); Nicole Anderson (Managing Partner, Redsand Group); John Featherby (Founder of Shoremount); Rebecca Jones (Founder of New Money); Yves Guillaume Messy (Global Corporate Social Responsibility committee at R3). The conference will discuss many of the areas concerning Sustainable & Social Investing and will help investors, like you, to make the best choices, taking into account both financial and broader aims.
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